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Get Assistance and Comfort with Lift Recliners in Regina

PrairieHeart Mobility is proud to announce that we are now a provider of lift chairs and lift recliners in Regina and the surrounding area. For those with mobility issues a lift chair is a great way to add stability to a comfortable recliner in your home. Many times chairs have additional features depending on your mobility requirements. Some chairs can be customized to improve posture. Other chairs can reduce pressure for spinal curvature issues to provide a comfortable, but supportive seat. Many lift chairs also come with massage features and heat features to aid in Parkinson’s and arthritis.

Picking the Right Lift Recliner in Regina

When selecting a lift chair there are some important factors you should consider. Getting the right fit for it is a critical requirement, and we can help you select the right type of lift chair that will be both comfortable and fit your mobility needs. Most lift chairs are rather two-position or three-position. A three-position chair offers the ability to fully recline in addition to being a regular seat.

Lift chairs are designed to perfectly contour your body for maximum support. They also provide floor space under the front to allow you to find your center of gravity as you slowly stand up. They minimize your risk of fall while providing the support you need to stand. When seated, the arms of the chair should be at a level that supports your weight. The arms should also provide sufficient grip to aid in standing. When you select a lift chair make sure that you consider where in your home it will be placed. You will need to have sufficient space from the wall for the chair to perform its functions.

Let us Help Select the Lift Chair for You

Selecting the right lift chair for your home that meets your mobility needs is our goal. If you have more questions about the type of chair you need feel free to give us a call.

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